Digital Signage

Elevate the conventional viewing experience. 

Signage for Your Business

Our flexible digital signage solution can be utilized in any organization. 

It’s true that businesses aren’t the only organizations that can benefit from a digital signage solution. Many organizations can use additional visibility to push their directives forward. By incorporating a digital sign into your nonprofit or educational endeavor, you will have an avenue to inform the beneficial aspects and deeds your organization undertakes.

Digital signage creates an effect called mind sharing that promotes ideas in a way that is simply not possible with traditional advertising. For more information about our scalable digital signage solution or to speak to one of our knowledgeable signage professionals about your organization’s technology, call us today at (715) 212-6291.

Get Eyes On Your Brand

Interactive and informative signs can boost your company’s marketing efforts.

For any administrator or marketing professional whose organization spends a significant portion of their budget on advertising, being presented a more affordable solution is often too good to be true. The value of our digital signage service is that it is affordable to begin and won’t cost your organization typically high printing costs, usually associated with an outbound marketing campaign. Each ad is of your own design and can be altered to correspond with promotions or events your organization is undertaking. Our Digital Signage solutions give your organization options to provide possible customers with customized messages to keep your marketing freshly updated and aligned with your organization’s sales and marketing strategies.

Like many of the technology solutions we offer, our digital signage solution is easy to implement and scalable. There are flexible options to give your organization just what it’s looking for, without the kind of capital outlay many companies pay for traditional marketing solutions. The digital advertising options Drip Media provides allows organizations like yours to present your brand as the only brand that potential customers think of when they have an issue or problem that would necessitate them purchasing goods and services from a company that does what you do. That kind of recognition is what you advertise for. Get the most visibility for less with Drip Media.

24/7 Operation

Commercial-grade displays allow you to run your content 24/7 without fear of screen burn.

Eco Friendly

Minimal power consumption, sleep modes, and automatic brightness ensure efficency.

WiFi Ready

Each display is WiFi ready so that all you need to do is plug it in and you’re ready to start publishing content.

Easy Operation

WIth convienent layouts and included widgets, you’ll have no problem creating stunning digital signage.

Cloud Management

Easily update your content anywhere with your favorite web browser and an internet connection.


Proof of play means that you can be sure that your content is playing even when you’re not looking.

Secure Platform

From hardware to user control we can assure you that your new signage will be up to the latest security standards.

Advanced Scheduling

Get granular with your signage publications, right down to the date and time.