Digital Advertising

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Make The Switch To Digital

Provide additional visibility for your organization by switching to indoor advertising with Drip Media.

If you’re running a small business, you need to be diligent about getting your name out there. You’ve established your brand, started building awareness on the Internet, even pressed palms with potential clients; and you’ve seen some success from that. Would you like to extend your reach by taking your company’s marketing initiatives to the next level? Drip Media is your premier digital sign and billboard service that can extend the local and region visibility of your business.


While focusing on the highest traffic venues in the densest populated areas, we have divided our host locations into four major regions. This allows you to strategically choose your target region and/or area

  • Vilas
  • Price
  • Oneida
  • Lincoln
  • Marathon
  • Wood
  • Portage
  • Dunn
  • Chippewa
  • Eau Claire
  • Pepin
  • Buffalo
  • Trempealeau
  • La Crosse
  • Oconto
  • Shawano
  • Outagamie
  • Winnebago
  • Brown
  • Kewaunee
  • Door


Modern digital advertising is what we do, which is why we have selected a display solution that offers not only a viewing experience that mimics today’s cell phones but does it with high resolution & definition.  Select from static, animated full-motion, or HD video media!

Resolution: 1080p HD

Dimensions: 13” x 21” x 1.25”

Security: Tamper-proof case with a tempered glass viewing window.

File Type: JPG or PNG or GIF

Duration: 8sec

File Type: MP4 or MOV

Duration: 8sec


Research conducted by the Indoor Billboard Advertising Association (IBAA) provides a compelling case for what we know to be true regarding indoor advertising.


89% surveyed “agree” or “strongly agree” that indoor advertising is a good way for message to be seen.



Why is indoor advertising so effective? Because it’s impactful, engaging, targeted, dynamic and cost-effective.


3 out of 4 respondents thought about changing behavior after viewing an indoor ad.


84% recalled seeing specific ads indoors.


The average audience captivation for indoor advertising media is 2:30. That’s 22x greater than print media!



98% reacted positively or neutral to seeing ads indoors.

Need Help With Design?

We understand that not every business has an in-house design team and that’s where we step in. Using our graphic design skills, Drip Media will build a custom ad that’s optimized for a digital format.